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(Jacket: Uniqlo, Top: House Of Dagmar, Boots: Prada, Bag: House Of Dagmar, Earrings: Cos, Sunglasses: Celine)

Outfit from the other day. House of Dagmar is one of my favorite Swedish fashion brands <3
I especially love their iconical symmetric pattern. I choose a top and a bag from Dagmar that day, and they are a perfect match together.

この間の服。House of Dagmarは私のお気に入りのスウェーデン発ファッションブランド <3



Even though the date is not decided yet, our wedding research is very much in progress. Bröllopshandboken (the wedding handbook) is a must-have when starting out. It's full of general information about the wedding ceremony and goes into great detail in how to plan a wedding.

My fiance's sister even gave us the wedding magazine BröllopsGuiden (Wedding guide) (and also some chocolate, so sweet of her <3) as an engagement gift. I can find different inspirations and styles for the wedding together the latest wedding trends, which is really necessary right now.

We even attended a wedding expo and got some inspirations! While it's true that we weren't engaged by then (he'd planned it all and proposed to me the same day!), it's experience that's come in handy now!

And I bought this Instax camera there at the expo, where Fujifilm had set up shop and had a promotion for their polaroid camera! I've been wanting to buy it for at least 2 years so I'm really happy that I bought it! I can't wait to use it! I'll bring it to the upcoming Paris trip with my fiance, which suddenly turned into a romantic engagement trip <3

まだ日にちは決まってないけど結婚式リサーチはもう始まってるの。Wedding handbookはその始めとしてマストハブ。一般的な結婚式の情報や詳しい結婚式のプランの進め方が載ってるの。

フィアンセのお姉さんからは婚約祝いのプレゼントとしてスウェーデンのウェディング雑誌Bröllops Guiden(とチョコ)をもらったよ(お姉さん優しい<3)。いろんなインスピレーションやスタイルにトレンド、今の私たちには必要な最新のウェディング情報が載ってるの。





(Jacket: Samsoe & Samsoe, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Zara, Slip-on: Vans, Bag: Celine, Sunglasses: Prada, Earrings: & Other Stories, Scarf: Samsoe & Samsoe)

Even though it's still cold in Stockholm I can feel the smell of spring in the air lately! And when the sun shines, it actually almost feels like spring! I can't wait for more warmer days <3




Here are some photos from last summer that I never uploaded to my blog. I have just booked flight tickets back to Paris, so I'm all excited and wanted to share some memories of my last time there! I'm  so in love with this city, really excited to be back there again <3




I received a fantastic jewelry collection from a Company named My Name Necklace.
I really like their concept of making personal jewelry. This blog post was made in collaboration with them.
Personally I love jewelry, and have recently started using jewelry more frequently than before. When coordinating my minimalistic fashion style I love to wear jewelry together with simple coordinates. And I've really wanted some personalized jewelry to go along with my fashion for a while now. I choose a necklace with my initial and my birthstone(ruby for July), and a ring with my initial from their expansive silver jewelry collection: And they match together perfectly.

Jewelries I'm wearing in the pictures:
Initial Necklace with birthstone in silver
Initial ring in pure silver

Now Valentines day has already passed, but soon it's White day, taking place on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentines day. In Japanese tradition the girls gives chocolates to guys on Valentines day and on White day guys are supposed to give a return gift to those whom gifted them chocolates on Valentines day. I think the personalized jewelry would make any present more special!

Right now My Name Necklace has a campaign for a White day gift, so you can start preparing for that day already!

素敵なジュエリーコレクションをMy Name Necklaceさんからいただきました。
My Name Necklaceパーソナルなジュエリーを届けるというコンセプトが素敵だなと思ってブログ記事をコラボレーションさせていただきます。


パーソナライズジュエリーはバレンタインのお返しのプレゼントとして特別なものになるはず!今ホワイトデーに向けてMy Name Necklaceさんではセールしてるみたいだからみんなチェックしてみてね。今年は大事な人に特別なギフトを贈ってみて!