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I received a fantastic jewelry collection from a Company named My Name Necklace.
I really like their concept of making personal jewelry. This blog post was made in collaboration with them.
Personally I love jewelry, and have recently started using jewelry more frequently than before. When coordinating my minimalistic fashion style I love to wear jewelry together with simple coordinates. And I've really wanted some personalized jewelry to go along with my fashion for a while now. I choose a necklace with my initial and my birthstone(ruby for July), and a ring with my initial from their expansive silver jewelry collection: And they match together perfectly.

Jewelries I'm wearing in the pictures:
Initial Necklace with birthstone in silver
Initial ring in pure silver

Now Valentines day has already passed, but soon it's White day, taking place on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentines day. In Japanese tradition the girls gives chocolates to guys on Valentines day and on White day guys are supposed to give a return gift to those whom gifted them chocolates on Valentines day. I think the personalized jewelry would make any present more special!

Right now My Name Necklace has a campaign for a White day gift, so you can start preparing for that day already!

素敵なジュエリーコレクションをMy Name Necklaceさんからいただきました。
My Name Necklaceパーソナルなジュエリーを届けるというコンセプトが素敵だなと思ってブログ記事をコラボレーションさせていただきます。


パーソナライズジュエリーはバレンタインのお返しのプレゼントとして特別なものになるはず!今ホワイトデーに向けてMy Name Necklaceさんではセールしてるみたいだからみんなチェックしてみてね。今年は大事な人に特別なギフトを贈ってみて!



I’m engaged! Last weekend was the 6th year anniversary of me moving to Sweden. Me and my boyfriend were celebrating by going on a date, and then had dinner at a French restaurant in the evening. By chance we ended up at a raised podium by the window. After we had eaten, my boyfriend took out a letter and wanted to read it to me (a Japanese tradition). I was a bit surprised, but agreed to listen. In the letter he described how happy he was that I’d moved to Sweden all those years ago, and how thankful he was to have met me. How grateful he was of the experiences, both good and bad, that we’d had together.

It was the first letter he’d ever written to me. After he’d read it, he asked me if I wanted to stay with him forever. And not suspecting anything I answered offhandedly "Yes, of course I want to!”. “Then” he said, pulling out a small box onto the table.
"Will you marry me?”
and with that he opened it up showing a golden ring.
I was shocked and couldn’t grasp that what was happening was real. And suddenly the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing. I asked him if this was really happening, and he confirmed it and repeated the question. The Question. And so I replied through my tears!
I was so touched and just couldn't stop crying, so I couldn't get a good look at the ring during the first 15 minutes. Haha! I wasn't expecting his proposal at all that day since we’d talked about getting married after graduation when we both had found a full-time job. But he’d been saving up money for this in secret.  I feel like I'm the happiest girl right now! Thank you all for your support!


なんだかんだ初めてもらったお手紙。笑 読み終わったあとに僕とずっと一緒にいたい?って言われて、いや、何言ってんの、もちろん!って笑いながら返したら、じゃあとか言いながら小さな箱を取り出されて
唐突すぎてびっくりして正直最初は何がなんだかわかんなかった。笑 でももう涙が止まらなくて、何回もほんまに?って聞き返したくらい笑 私の答えはもちろん
もう感動しすぎてなかなか涙が止まらなかったから最初の15分どんな指輪か全然見れなかったくらい笑 結婚はお互い大学、大学院卒業して、フルタイムの仕事をもらった時って話してたから実はこの日プロポーズされるなんて本当に全く思ってもなかった。でもこのために内緒でお金をコツコツ貯めていてくれたらしい。本当に1番幸せな気分!周りのみんなのサポートもありがとう!




My favorite bakery chain in Stockholm. I love their confectionary, such as their cinnamon buns and cardamon buns. It's so tasty, with a great balance between the sweetness, the flavor-carrying butter and the spices used!




Sightseeing in Stockholm

Rosendals trädgård is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer. This time was actually my first time visiting during winter. It felt completely different, but I still eally liked it! It was really cold outside of the house but It was really cozy to have a fika in the greenhouse.


Rosendals trädgård
Rosendalsterrassen 12



Sightseeing in Stockholm blog post

It was actually two friends that visited me at the same time.
We met like 7 years ago in Japan and now we're all living in different countries.
So having a reunion in Sweden of all places sounds kind of like a miracle. I've never imagined that we'd meet here in Stockholm!

Ice bar was the right place for us to spend our last night together.  It was my first time to visit the bar, even though I've lived here for 6 years now. It was an awesome experience and I loved it there so much, even though there were only tourists there. haha Well, this time I was tourist too ;)



アイスバーは最後の夜をみんなで過ごすには完璧な場所だった。6年も住んでるけどアイスバーに行くのは初めてだったけどすっごく気に入ったし、最高の経験だった!でも周りは観光客しかいなかったけどね笑 あ、この時は私もだね ;)



(Jacket: Acne, Skirt: & Other Stories, Scarf: Samsoe & Samsoe, Earrings: Cos, & Other Stories, Sunglasses: Celine, Gloves: Filippa K, Boots: Tiger Of Sweden, Bag: Acne Studios)

OOTD. Sunny Stockholm! The temperature is cold but warm in the sun. I'm longing for Spring so much right now!




Stockholm City Hall

Swedish meatballs at Tradition

Gamla Stan


My friend was here to visit me from Turkey for a week, so I took the week off to spend time with her!
Sightseeing in Stockholm with her took me back to about 6 years ago, when I moved to Sweden. It was kind of nostalgic to see the city from a tourists point of view. It was so much fun and we did so many things, many of which I've never done before even though I've lived here for such a long time now. It was an awesome week! I'll write more details about what we've done later on on my blog, so I hope you'll enjoy reading about it!