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(Top: dazzlin, Dress: Lilly Brown, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Heels: DIANA, Cap: Stefis, Earring: Kate Spade Saturday)

Swinging on the same swing that I used during my childhood.
I bought a straw cap a few days ago and I'm so obsessed with it.
Being fashionable while avoiding sunburn, it's just perfect for a summer like this!

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


Let's Go Somewhere

(Dress: H&M, Sneakers: Nike, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Sunglasses: dazzlin)

Here are the photos from another photoshoot with Grace.
I've been having so much fun in Japan and it's kind of scares me how fast time flies. Already almost a month has passed and my flight back to Sweden is already less than a month..

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter


(Top: dazzlin, Pants: dazzlin, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Socks: Kate Spade Saturday, Sunglasses: dazzlin, Watch: CASIO, Sneakers: Nike)

It's hard to believe that I walked into the world of Harry Potter!
As some of you might know, the wizarding world of Harry Potter just opened a few days ago at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and I was there the day after the grand opening.
I grew up with the Harry Potter novel and followed the story as it progressed, so it really amazed me as I got magicked into his world.


Daytrip To Kyoto

 (Dress: Lilly Brown, Cardigan: Uniqlo, Bag, Kate Spade Saturday, Pierces: Kate Spade NY, Sneakers: Nike, Watch: CASIO)

Photos from the other day when I went to Kyoto. I visited an old market street called Nishiki market and the silver-temple there.


Jumping Gazelle

(T-shirt: dazzlin, Pants: dazzlin, Scarf: Kate Spade Saturday, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Sunglasses: dazzlin, Pierces: EMODA, Watch: CASIO, Ring: ete)

Finally, here are the photos from the first photoshoot in Japan!
I've got these jumping gazelle-patterned scarf and clutch bag as a birthday present from my boyfriend and I'm so obsessed with them!

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


Sneak Peak Photos From Instagram

Obsessed with my new perfume from Chloé:
Roses De Chloé
Presents I've received so far:
my favorite Kate Spade goods
And more lovely things!
What I've found on sale so far:

It's been more than a week since I came back to Japan and I've been very busy seeing the people precious to me.
Here are some sneak peak photos of the new wardrobe I've got in Japan. I didn't almost bring anything from Sweden so I try to coordinate my outfit from what I've received as presents(Since I turned 23 in Japan recently) and what I've bought myself on sale.
I just had my first photoshoot in Japan a few days ago so I'll upload my outfits very soon!


Goodbye Stockholm! Hello Osaka!

(Shirt: FOREVER21, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Sweater: vintage, Bag: vintage, Wedges: TOPSHOP, Watch: CASIO, Sunglasses: TOPSHOP)

I was supposed to post this before I left Sweden as I promised earlier but I couldn't make it until now. Sorry!
Ever since I arrived in Japan time just flies like crazy, but now finally I can post an outfit from the days before I left Sweden. Next time I'll be posting outfits and more from Japan, since I'm gonna be staying here the whole summer!