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Fashion Night Out

I went to the Fashion Night with my friend the other day, the first event for me since coming back to Sweden. It turned out to be an amazing night, hanging out with my friend, watching the catwalk and shopping. More details and photos of the outfit of the day will be coming soon!


Autumn Leaves

(Top: FOREVER21, Skirt: FOREVER21, Clutch: Kate Spade Saturday, Sunglasses: dazzlin, Watch: CASIO, Ring: Filippa K, Sneakers: NIKE, Socks: g.u.)

This was the last photo shoot I did in Japan, which means that I'm gonna be posting my outfits I have now in Sweden from now on.
Though it still was warm like summer I wore beautiful autumn colors this day.
It turned out that my outfit matched the background color, where some leaves were already turning into the color of autumn.

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


Last Summer

(T-shirt: dazzlin, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Heels, DIANA, Bag: Kate Spade New York, Sunglasses: TOPSHOP, Ring: Filippa K)

Summer is over. But I still wanted to wear a marine look and here it is!

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


Grab Some Drinks!

(T-shirt: UNIQLO×Lisa Larson, Skirt: FOREVER21, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Sneakers: NIKE, Watch: CASIO, Glasses: Present from my friend)

I love the Japanese vending machine. You will find them everywhere you go.
Here is the outfit of the day, a very basic simple style but with a playful look.

Photo credits by Grace Lovell


Alice In Wonderland

 (Dress: FOREVER 21, Bag: ZARA, Sneakers: NIKE, Watch: CASIO)

I found a little Alice In Wonderland place while I was visiting a city called Okayama for a model job.
I wore a coral pink dress from Forever21 which is the perfect colour for summer!


Flower Garden

(Top: dazzlin, Pants: dazzlin, Sneakers: Nike, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Cap: Stefis)

I visited Awaji-island for one day. My friend drove me to a hill that was full of beautiful flowers and had a a wide ocean view.


An Ordinary Summer Day

(Top: dazzlin, Skirt: dazzlin, Cap: Stefis, Sandals: CAMPER, Bag: Kate Spade New York)

After 2 month in Japan I'm now back in Stockholm.
I did some photo shoots in Japan that I haven't been able to upload yet and I apologize for the delay. I will put up more photos of different outfits very soon so look forward to it!
Here is one of them at least!

Photo credits by Grace Lovell